I was referred to Jackie by a coworker about six years ago when I used to get terrible sinus infections on a regular basis.  The first time I saw Jackie, she was very thorough and went thru every aspect of my life to try and determine the core of the problem.  Since then, I have come off of an antibiotic I took every day and have been able to cut back my other sinus meds as well.  AND I have not had a sinus infection in over five years!  Since I started seeing Jackie, she has treated me for several issues.  I am diabetic and went through her cleanse program (highly recommended).  Since then, I make her protein shakes every morning, which I think have helped keep my blood sugars at a lower level. I seem to be accident prone and she has treated me for an injured rotator cuff, neck issues and the latest was a torn ACL, MCL and Meniscus and a fractured Fibula.  She has done it all for me. I look forward to my visits and she always makes me laugh when she asks “what is new”…translated...what have you done now!!  I take several of Jackie’s Chinese Herbs, but cannot seem to stomach the powder formula so take the caplets.  I have also switched over from my “natural” synthetic supplements to her Whole Food supplements, which have helped me tremendously in so many ways.  I swear by acupuncture. I have recommended Jackie to several people and would highly recommend her to you as well.  Not only is Jackie a fantastic acupuncturist, she is also a great friend.  SHE IS THE BEST!!!! 

— J. Olson


Since 2005, Jackie and her expertise have been an important part of my life as I seek peace and wholeness of my body and spirit. I have benefitted in so many ways. She and her "needles" have seen me through abdominal surgery, shoulder impingements, chronic low back pain, gastric issues, headaches, hearing loss and emotional issues. I continue to be in awe of the power of acupuncture in Jackie's hands.

— R. Stark

For the latest injury, a broken humerus at the top of the bone that goes into the socket of the left shoulder, I started acupuncture in the beginning of March 2011. I've also been going to physical therapy. My orthopedic doctor mentioned to me that someone else had a very similar break around the same time I did, but my injury was healing quicker than his. He was not going to acupuncture. I believe that my injury healing so quickly directly relates to my acupuncture treatments from Jackie. About 18 months before, I had fallen and seriously sprained my ankle. Even with PT and massage therapy, the swelling in my ankle didn't really go down until I started acupuncture with Jackie. So, I'm a real believer in acupuncture and having gone to other acupuncturists in my life, I feel that Jackie Close tops them all.

—L. Kemnitzer

I was referred to Jackie by a musician friend a year and a half ago to address repetitive stress injuries in my shoulder, neck and back. Jackie has delved deeper than any other practitioner to find the root of the matter. Slowly over time I'm healing into a whole person and grateful for her perseverance and attention to the details of my health.

— K. Zabelle

I have been receiving treatments for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome over the last 18 years. Jackie's care has been paramount to my health and improved ability to be active and feel good again! Jackie's ability to address all health issues and refer to other health care providers is a holistic approach benefitting all her patients. Thank you Jackie!

— J. Swartz

I have been managing chronic stiffness from arthritis in my neck for the past 10 years. I have tried a number of different therapies – massage, chiropractic and physical therapy, along with regular stretching and exercise. All of these have been helpful and I will continue to use them but the acupuncture treatment that I have been receiving for the last 8 months is the one thing that is giving my symptoms consistent relief. I love it!

— C. Levesque

I have been getting Acupuncture now for two months. I am here to get relief from persistent asthma, allergies, and eczema. I have been going to the doctor now for a number of years with only limited success or temporary relief. I have had several treatments, including Acupuncture & Chinese herbs, and have gotten some serious benefits already. Jackie is patient, thorough, and wonderfully caring. I so very much appreciate her care.

— C. Drajem

I was an Insomniac and now I sleep like a baby! I started getting acupuncture from Jackie back in Feb 2009 for my insomnia of over 8 years. I have tried all the western medicines from sleep class to lunestra and to ambien. They helped at first and then it did not work anymore. Ambien only helped for 3 hours and then I was wide awake the rest of the night/morning. 14 months later, I can fall asleep and I stay asleep. Jackie's approach is holistic and she truly understands how my body and mind works. If you have been curious about acupuncture, Jackie is a trusted and a great provider.

— J.W.

I have been receiving acupuncture for less than six months. I'm being treated for many reasons. I have pain throughout my entire body, I have had lots of trouble sleeping, and severe headaches. I have tried a number of prescribed & over-the-counter medications for the past 15 years. I have had 8 treatments with Jackie and so far my headaches are completely gone and I no longer need to take any sleeping pills at all and my severe joint pain has been getting much better. I am taking half of the amount of medication and I feel much better! The treatments have worked for me. Thank you Jackie for the great care, I truly know that it's a true healing and I love it!

— Joan Topacio

I have been coming to Jackie for about 5 years. Through Acupuncture, Jackie has treated me for pain. Plantar Fasciitis, back pain, headaches, post foot surgery, Stress, Sinusitis, Digestion, and restless leg syndrome. The herbs Jackie gave me have significantly improved my digestion and eliminated my restless leg syndrome; Acupuncture is an awesome way to clear the stress from your life. Jackie is gentle and kind and I enjoy knowing her.

— Karen Andrews




After struggling with chronic pain for months following a herniated disk, Jackie literally changed my life. I tried steroid shots, medication, and physical therapy- but acupuncture gave me the relief I was looking for in only a few visits. I only wish I'd come sooner. The results have been truly amazing and I'm so thankful to be almost completely pain free.

— Kerry Colburn

Jackie is AMAZING!!! I really can’t say enough good things about her!

I had many problems with my reproductive system for years resulting in the loss of an ovary and fallopian tube from many surgeries. I continued to have pain daily from these and saw a new doctor weekly trying to find out why and how to stop it. After months of doctors guessing, all with different answers or no answer at all- I decided to try eastern medicine. I was referred to Jackie and she really changed my life. The very first visit, I was so relieved to have someone take the time to really find out what’s was going on with my body. Not only did I leave that appointment with an answer as to why I was having pain- but the pain was also so much better- and even more so after every visit. Also, I was told by all the doctors that the chances of becoming pregnant were very low..... but after seeing Jackie, by the 3rd month I found out I was pregnant! She helped me continue to work my entire pregnancy by keeping my blood pressure low and preeclampsia down.    I think Jackie is incredibly talented and I highly recommend her to everyone!  I really can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me!  She’s the best!

— Monica P. (yelp)


I went to see Jackie when I lived in Seattle. I literally could not walk more than one block without having to sit because the pain was so bad. As that problem healed, my Achilles tendon started acting up. Just a few quick trips to Jackie and that felt much better too. In addition to being a great acupuncturist, Jackie is a genuinely nice and fun person to be around. Now that I've moved out-of-state, I *really* miss her! I would recommend her without reservation.

— Jane C.

I've been seeing Jackie since the end of April, 2011. I originally came to Jackie to seek help for my erratic digestive issues. I had exhausted everything that I could do on my own through elimination diet and with supplements such as digestive enzymes and probiotics. Within 7 acupuncture treatments and daily herbs, my digestion had greatly improved and had become better than what was considered "normal" for me. I was thrilled! I was beyond thrilled! Though my digestion was what brought me to Jackie, she is also helping me optimize my menstrual cycles and fertility. Her treatments have allowed me to feel like myself again and have brought me to a place where I feel happy to live in my body! She is a blessing, I am so grateful, and I cannot recommend her enough.

— J. Broecker

I started getting weekly Acupuncture for fertility issues and migraines several years ago. I now have a 1 year old boy and have gone several weeks at a time with no migraines, where I used to get several a week. Being in Jackie's care has had a tremendously positive impact on my life.

— KR

I began seeing Jackie in 2009 for daily sinus headaches.  I was on two different kinds of OTC medicine and was still taking pain killers multiple times a day when a friend recommended that I make an appointment with Jackie after having a great experience herself.

Two and a half years later, I have zero sinus pain even at the height of allergy season.  My results are more than I could have ever hoped for when I started seeing Jackie.  In addition, she also treats anything else that I may be having issues with whether it’s a common cold, elbow pain or a random bad mood – every treatment is designed to be as effective as it can possibly be.

Jackie’s greatest strength (aside from her great knowledge of Eastern medicine) is her ability to explain both the treatment and the philosophy behind it in a way that makes sense to someone unfamiliar with the process.  It’s clear that she fully believes in what she does – her calm confidence makes a newbie feel much better about having 6 needles stuck in your face! 

I can’t recommend Jackie Close highly enough – it’s a truly life changing experience!

— Keely B.

Jonathan Day is the only medical practitioner I have worked with who I can honestly call a healer in every sense of the word. When I first came in to work with him, I was suffering from a handful of maladies. Jonathan took the time to listen to me - not just the numbers on paper, but the actual me underneath; the whole person. Jonathan exudes a sense of wordless wisdom and grace, and he used these skills to reach deep inside me with his acupuncture treatments and shift something on a core level. After a few months of treatment, not only could I breathe and sleep better, I also developed a new sense of power and joy about my body. That is not something other medical practitioners had ever done for me. Jonathan is also a committed teacher and engendered in me a fascination with Chinese Medicine. I have read that the greatest Chinese Medicine healers possess an ability to reach out and touch their patient's spirit (Shen) directly with their own. I feel that even though he is early in his practice, Jonathan has developed this ability. That is why he made such a significant impact on my health and life.

— Anita B.

If you’re nervous about going in for acupuncture, don’t be. Jonathan’s calm and amiable demeanor combined with his unshakeable commitment to you as his patient will tell you at once that you’re in good hands. The minute my first treatment with Jonathan began, I felt things inside my body being put to rights, as if everything had been out of place and was at last being put back where it belonged. Afterwards, I experienced not only an immediate improvement in the specific condition for which I was being treated but also generally greater energy, mental clarity and peace of mind. This all grew steadily as I continued my course of care. I had the opportunity of receiving acupuncture from Jonathan for a year at Bastyr; to say it was a life-changing experience would be a laughable understatement.

— Gregory F.